The Art of Conversation: Secrets to Good Communication

Good communication isn’t something you’re born with. It’s not even a gender thing. 

I was on a talkshow where I was talking about the importance of good communication in relationships.

The host of the show stopped me to ask, “Debra, do you mean to tell me you expect men to be good communicators?”

Why, yes. That is absolutely what I am saying.

To be honest, I was really frustrated with that question. Because I rebel against the stereotype that men can’t be good communicators. I think it’s insulting, and unfair, and sets us up for less than God’s best in our relationships.

We need to expect more, and teach both our sons and our daughters the importance of healthy communication…

It has to be practiced. And even when you’re married and in love…you’ll still have communication issues to work through.

Take me for example: a wife of 11 years, licensed counselor and relationship expert. But just recently my husband and I had one of those “communication mishaps” that we had to work through….(don’t worry, I’ll tell you aaaaaallllll about it!) because communication is something you have to practice.

On this episode, I talk to a young man who is struggling to communicate well, and wants some suggestions on how to get to the next level with expressing himself, especially with his emotions.

Because in order to express our feelings, we have to first acknowledge them.

Good Communication Skills Are Up For Grabs

In this podcast, we talk through some practical steps to good communication, and cover these important topics:

  • Why communicating and expressing emotions isn’t a male/female thing.
  • The four levels of communication and why they matter.
  • How our family background and culture can influence our ability to communicate.
  • Some suggestions in learning to acknowledge our emotions and feelings.
  •  Why it takes practice to get to a better place with our communication.
  • How to learn good communication even long before you’re in a romantic relationship.
  • Learning to recognize the WALLS (barriers to good communication) that you have whether or not you realize it – because they’re keeping you from healthy communication. This concept has really changed my life and I write all about it in Choosing Marriage, but today I’m sharing it with you on the show!
  • And of course, a few candid conversations about my relationship with John and some of our most recent communication mishaps!

If you want some practical advice to mastering the art of communication, then episode is SO SO SO SO important for you to listen to!



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